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Welcome to the Drummond Island Tourism Website
Gem of the Huron
Thank you for your interest in Drummond Island "Michigan's Ultimate Playground".  We welcome your visit & invite you to come and enjoy the second largest fresh water island in the nation.

April 20-22, 2018 date set for
3rd Annual Jeep the Mac to Drummond Island
Spring Jeep Migration 

Drummond Island Interactive Map.  Explore Drummond Island - the Gem of the Huron.  We are located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and offer numerous vacation experiences.  Map highlights shipwrecks, fossil ledges, hiking and atv trails and more!  Click here to learn more! Drummond Island Movie, Drummond Island Video, Vacation Video, Online Movie of Drummond!  Experience the most exciting  Upper Michigan Vacation imaginable! Drummond Island Postcard - Choose from a variety of postcards to send to your friends.  Show people just how beautiful Drummond Island is! Harbor Island National Wildlife Refuge - Learn about Harbor Island History, Habitat, Animal Species, Forestry, Geology, Location, and more. Click here to visit this unique part of the Drummond Island Area.
  Drummond Island Digital Magazine
Our Drummond Island Magazine is now available online.  Simply click on the link to the left and begin turning the pages.  This impeccable magazine has fascinating photos, stories, maps, and facts about Drummond Island.  You will also find business listings and convenient website links that will enable you to visit sites listed within our publication.

Interactive Drummond Island Map
Our map allows browsers to select a region of the island and find points of interest.  You can also click onto these areas to view photos and information.  Touring the island with the help of our interactive map will allow you to learn about  sunken shipwrecks, the fossil ledges, ATV / ORV trails and more.

A Unique Paradise
27 holes of Golf, one of the largest closed loop trail systems for off road - ATV / ORV exploration in the U.S. World Class kayaking, fantastic birding, hiking, biking.  17 Drummond Island shipwrecks and the Alvar. Drummond is 68% state owned, with 53 outlying Islands including, Harbor Island National Wildlife Refuge. Groomed snowmobile trails, cross country skiing, great fishing year around and sunsets unmatched anywhere!  You are a click away from an adventure only your imagination can limit!

Rare Species, Landscapes and Plants
Drummond Island is comprised of 87,000 acres, 150 miles of rugged scenic shoreline, 133 square miles of forested lanscape, and 34 inland lakes.  Within this diverse habitat, a number of rare species, land formations and plants can be found.  To learn more about our Island's rarities, please visit our Rare page written by your web-guide, Jody M. Clark and explore the Natural History of Drummond Island.  This informative part of the website will help readers find incredible facts on a number of subjects:  Puddingstones, Maxton Plains, Alvar, Dry Non-acid Cliffs, Boreal forests, Prarie Smoke, Round-leaved Orchis, Calypso, the Yellow Rail, Leconte's Sparrow, the Common Loon, and the Hine's Emerald Dragonfly, just to name a few. 

Our Featured Article
Cast a Line and Catch a Dream
By Robert Dorman

Around “Ice Out” the days are growing longer and air temperatures are rising.  April 1st brings great anticipation of the smelt run. These little silver delicacies enter our creeks and streams to spawn. This is primarily nighttime fishing. All ages enjoy this annual event. Laughter is commonplace as, somewhere in the glow of a lantern or flashlight, a young person excitedly proclaims, “Look, I got some!” On a clear night, you will be awed by the stars that appear to be so close you can almost touch them.
Drummond Island Fishing
    Photo by I. Gable

If you look to the north, some nights will bring about a spectacular display of flickering colors known as the Aurora Borealis, more commonly called the Northern Lights. This is an experience you will not soon forget.  

Spring and fall bring perch into the shallow water. All sizes and ages of perch are present, ensuring years of great fishing. There is a lot of action and taking a limit is common. The focus now turns to the opener for northern pike and walleye fishing.
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