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From the Four Corners go west on M134 (approx 4 miles) to the junction of Pike Bay Road, turn left, proceed about 1 mile and on your right you will see the marshy Pigeon Cove Flooding.  Look for deer, birds, and bears in the rushes.  The kids will enjoy going through the tunnel, just past the floodings.


If you like to travel through the forest, follow Pike Bay Road (1.1 mile) to the main junction, turn right to Noble’s Road (1.1 mile)’s- back track to the main junction, turn right on Pike Bay Road (.4 miles)-back track to main junction, turn right onto Cream City Point Road (2.4 miles) to the causeway- all of this is paved and hardly a house to see.  At the causeway, go forward to Gravel Lake (2.1 miles) on the hard packed gravel road.- then back track.  A main point to remember, on all of the named roads you will have to back track.  Pick up a detailed map at the Visitor Center at the Four Corners.  There are many birds including Great Horned Owls in the area, plus you get glimpses of Lake Huron. This is a great area to visit just before dusk searching for the elusive bear.


If you like to bike, park you car on the inland side of the road at the junction of M134 and Pike Bay Road. Riding only the paved roads mentioned you will travel 10 miles, add the unpaved road and you get another 4.2 miles.  By car or bike this is a round trip of 14.2 miles.  For the bikers the traffic is minimal and you’re going through your own private wilderness.


Kayakers drive across the causeway, turn right, park and launch from here.  There is approx. 3 square miles you can paddle among the many islands without getting out into the big waters of Lake Huron.  Read the winds and paddle cautiously.
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