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Large Construction CraneLarge Construction Crane
by Mike Spears
Historical Sketch
In the fall of 2005, a tugboat towing a barge up Lake Huron along the south shore of Drummond Island towards DeTour Passage encountered rough seas and lost partial control of the barge. While the tug was attempting to regain control, the barge lost its cargo overboard. That cargo happened to be a large construction crane. To date, that crane has not been recovered and it sits upright on the bottom of Lake Huron in 70 feet of water.
Wreck Description
 The wreck of the construction crane lies upright in 70 feet of water. The massive boom has collapsed forward and is partially lying on the bottom. This crane makes for a unique and interesting dive site.
Wreck Location
The wreck of the construction crane sits upright in 70 feet of water south of Espanore Island (along the south side of Drummond Island) and about 3 ¾ miles east of DeTour Passage. Lat/Long Coordinates are: 
45º 55.163’ North
83º 49.463’ West

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